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We are in Worcestershire and visiting multi-period living history event - M5! It is two day summer event (12th - 13th August 2017). There are many camps and shows from different periods in history from ancient Greeks trough to WW ll. Through the both event days there are several large skirmishes and many small displays.

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M5 is a multi-period Living History show in the heart of Worcestershire.

Hundreds of re-enactors from dozens of time periods are on hand in their period encampments to entertain, inform and answer questions. Throughout each day there are several large skirmishes and many smaller displays of uniform and skill-at-arms along with displays and demonstrations and cameos of the civilian side of life through history.

Its like bonus episode with funny moment! :)

P.S No one has been injured or hurt during this episode and guy on wheelchair is not disabled he is using wheelchair as a horse. :)

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Warioriem vajadzētu svinēt Lāčplēša dienu 11 novembrī!!!
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Šoziem uz dažām nedēļām braukim uz Latviju ar mērķi safilmēt video par visu foršo, jauno un ineresanto ko vērts pamēģināt un apskatīt, dažādas Latvijas pusēs. Iesakiet idejas labam video! 

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