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Čauuuu, spocēni xD Njaaaam,man tiešām nebija ko darīt,tāpēc radās kaut kas,njaam xD


If you would ask me if I'm happy one mintue ago - I would say yes,because everything was fine,everything was great....untill now.

"C'mon!It's not my fault!" - Said my a person who was my best friend more than five years.

"Of course!Your always right,your the angel in the sky!" - I said it,it's to late...

So I did turn around,go...go away,with hope that everything will change.

I'm in my room. Blue.Black.White.Red.Thats my favourite colours,dont ask why.Kitchen.Living room.My room,not hard to guess where am I.Phone.Answer?Yes...


"Im sorry!I've never wanted to hurt you!Forgive me...."

"So you want me to forgive again,and again....?"

"Please,we were best friends more than five years!"

"...And you want me to forgive because we were best friends more than five years?"

"Oh,we Were best friends.....then okay,bye,friend!"



I woke up,a noise.Somebody was knocking,knocking the doors.The person who was looking at me was standing,standing and not moving.

"Please,I know I was wrong,but please!

I couldnt see him sad!

Hugs Alex- "I'll always forgive you,because you tell the truth" ;) (:

No lies.Happines.Smile.Hug.Truth.

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Kāpēc nav latviski?? :(

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:O pati izdomāji?! :)

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