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Mans pirmais raksts, tapēc neesat tik bargi un vienkārši izbaudiet bildes! (:

Viena no ši laika izcilākajām fotogrāfēm. Mīlu visas viņas bildes!

Mazliet no viņas puses teiktais (šoreiz būs angliski, sorry).

I first got into photography when I was around 16 years old (I’m now 19). I would always flickr through magazines and wonder why pictures I took never looked like they did, I was slightly confused and intrigued by it all. Like any teenager, I wanted to feel pretty, so I started taking random snaps of myself and playing around with them in photoshop and posting them to my old myspace.

After a while, I joined Flickr (saits kur fotogrāfi publicē savus darbus), and I was around 17 when I decided to take up the 365days Project (1 self portrait every day for a year) to really improve my photography and post processing skills. I didn’t start taking it seriously until a few months in, and I saw how passionate about it that I was. I started shooting in new locations, with props and lighting, and then moved onto shooting with models and clients. Self portraits are something which are nice for me to do occasionally, but they really gave me that first initial leg up into the world of photography.
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Viņa drīzāks viņas pārveido, un viņas vīrs arī ir labs fotogrāfs ! :) +

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"Mans pirmais raksts, tapēc neesat tik bargi..." Bļāviens, kā šis teksts jau krīt uz nerviem! Izdomājiet orģinālāku tekstu!

Nevari iztulkot latviski, nevaru plusu ielikt.... :|

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skaisti  emotion

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interesanti un skaisti emotion

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superīgas bildes.

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tik niiice emotion

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like :)  ānd + ;)

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