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Danny MacAskill is a stunt cyclist who released a five-and-a-half-minute video on YouTube on the 19th April 2009,filmed by his flat mate Dave Sowerby. This film has attracted massive attention on the internet and is a form of bike trials.
Danny is a twenty-three year old from the
Isle of Skye, and has been practicing for more than 12 years. He gave up his job as a mechanic so he could ride full time. He now lives in Edinburgh. He often listens to music while riding. Danny draws a lot of skill from influential riders of the trials scene including Martyn Ashton, Chris Akrigg, Mathew Street, Michael Judson, Kenny Wilson, Fraser McNeil and Brian Bleech.

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nu zajebis,bet vairaak kaa 12 gadus maacities -jebal
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extremi, vinam ir talants emotion emotion
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bet vismaz par drošību ar neaizmirst :)
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Vot skill...
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Es jau pie pirmā šķēršļa būtu nokritis un gulētu savos vēmekļos! Bet 4alim Cepuri nost! Tā tureet ! "D
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backride manual nereali kruts
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