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Hi guys and welcome back to Sunday Warriors. This time we are participating in national three peak challenge. One of toughest and most popular challenges in UK. Before starting we are having a rest at camp and preparing all our required equipment for hike. On the way to our first peak we have decided to visit couple more places.

First one was Lake of... Autors: The Travel Snap Challenge accepted! |National UK 3 Peak Challenge!
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*First one was Lake of Lochness 226 meters deep and having a surface area of 56 square kilometers is a large, deep freshwater lake in the Scottish highlands extending for approximately 37 kilometers. Before moving on we are taking some pictures... Who knows maybe we could have captured a legendary monster ???

So lets get started Our... Autors: The Travel Snap Challenge accepted! |National UK 3 Peak Challenge!
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So let's get started! Our first peak Ben Nevis , Scotland standing at 1345 meters above sea level is taking a place to be highest peak on island of Great Britain close to town of Fort William. Our time started to tick at ' 15:40 ' so let's do this!!! At this point we knew there is no way back .. we cant stop at any point if we want to do it in 24 hours! Oh!! I forgot to mention that National three peak challenge is an event in which participants attempt to climb the highest mountains of ENGLAND, Scotland and Wales within 24 hours. It might look easy at very beginning but believe me its not! You should be aware what are you taking with you how heavy is your backpack. All necessary gear is always a good idea to have that would be a Flash light, water container, rain coat, first aid and some food. Like cookies or chocolate is really good to have while hiking as it has sugar. Protective footwear is beneficial especially on Ben Nevis top you will meet some snow which can be really annoying as your legs might get wet. !!

Wait a second !! did we missed something ? And our second stop previously were Ben Nevis distillery – located at Glenn Nevis valley... So we have reached our first top We were really happy that we had clear sky as there is only 9 days a year clear. Cheers!

So we are heading back to parking to start another journey. It will be though as we have to hit 24 hour target we do drive and sleep in car. We are changing every 2 – 3 hours.

Second peak We have arrived... Autors: The Travel Snap Challenge accepted! |National UK 3 Peak Challenge!
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*Second peak* We have arrived to Scafell Pike, Lake district standing at 978 meters above sea level and it is highest mountain in England is a part of Southern Fells. This hike will be crazy as we can barely see anything as it is early morning. If you will decide to do this challenge make sure you have that extra batteries and flashlights. As well you should check a map before starting it or use a guide this peak has many different ways and you can easily get lost and loose your time and eventually fail challenge! We are lucky to have this amazing weather conditions we are winning our time. And just have a look its brilliant early morning on the top of Highest mountain in ENGLAND!!! What a view!! So we are heading back again and at this point we are really exhausted and we know that we have to hurry up as next peak is in Snowdonia and it takes time to reach it. Our time is ticking quickly we know that most probably we will have a traffic jambs everywhere as it will be a day time EVERY second costs from this minute!

*Third peek * And here we go! Our last peak Snowdon,Wales standing at 1085 meters above sea level takes place to be highest mountain in Wales, Snowdonia. Lets Go! This time we are half ready as we are in rush! To hit 24 hour target! Don't forget to take some food with you and water. In some places you will have to use a lot of energy. As you have to use your hands to climb as well. Just don't cheat! - Snowdon has a mountain railway system that travels for 7.26 kilometers from Lanberis to the summit of Snowdon. Snowdonia is the only place in Britain where the Snowdon lily, an arctic–alpine plant, and the rainbow-colored Snowdon beetle are found, and the only place in the world where the Snowdonia hawk weed grows.

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