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From a bartender with a big dream to America's ideal figure as an idol,
David Cook really shows how thin the line of fate can be. The singer who was born in December 20, 1982 in Houston, Texas was raised in Blue Springs, Missouri, a city that one day he would bring pride into. A rocker in his nature, Cook received his first guitar when he was mere two years old. He lived with mom Beth Foraker and two brothers, Adam and Andrew, after his parents filed for divorce during his childhood. His father Stan then relocated to Indianapolis, Indiana, but life went on for little David for he soon found out a hidden talent in his musical sense. When he was a second grader, his music teacher urged him to join a Christmas production for the school whereby he was given a solo in a choir. This would later on take impacts on David when he entered Blue Springs Middle and High School where opportunity of developing his singing skills just got bigger.
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