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Laurent Wolf (born in 1971 in Toulouse) is a French Tribal-house producer and DJ. He is the author of several compilations that contain his own tracks and also his remixes. He reached the tops of the charts with his "Saxo" and "Calinda" compositions. In August 2004 he released his new album "Positiv Energy". His last single, "No Stress", was #1 on the French SNEP Singles Chart.[1]
2001 "Octopussy" (Bootleg Records) 2002 "Afro-Dynamic Part 1" (Royal Drums) 2002 "Afro-Dynamic Part 2" (Royal Drums) 2002 "Afro-Dynamic Part 3" (Royal Drums) 2002 "Energy" (Royal Flush Special) with Michael Kaiser 2002 "Hear a Friend" (Royal Flush Special) 2002 "Oriental Dream" (Grain Of Groove) 2002 "Planar / Hear a Friend" (House Works) 2002 "Pump It Up" (Royal Flush Special) 2002 "Right All" (Royal Flush Special) with Michael Kaiser 2002 "Tiger" (Not On Label) 2002 "Together" (Royal Flush Special) 2003 "Afro-Dynamic Part 4" (Royal Drums) 2003 "Saxo" (Rise) 2003 "Saxo" (The Vocal Remixes) (Royal Drums) 2003 "Sunshine Paradise" (Royal Flush Special) 2003 "Sunshine Paradise EP" (Vendetta Records) 2003 "Together" (Remixes) (Royal Flush Special) 2003 "Work" (Royal Flush Special) 2003 "About That" (Darkness) 2003 "Rock Machine" (Darkness) 2006 "Another Brick" (Sony/BMG Records) 2008 "No Stress" (Sony/BMG Records) 2008 "Wash My World" (Sony/BMG Records)
Albums Prive (2003) "Finally" (original mix) "Only one" (original mix) "Learn 2 love" (original mix) "Young hearts" (original mix) "Groove in on the 1" (club mix) "Feel so good" (original extended mix) "Party" (Junior Jack remix) "Bel amour" (original mix) "4 play" (original mix) "Here we go" (Robbie Rivera mix) "South beach theme" (R grey vocal mix) "Shaker" (original mix) "Planar" (original mix) Sunshine Paradise (2003) CD 1 "Saxo" "Sunshine Paradise" "Calinda" "About That" "Sunshine Is Burning" "Gallion" "Together" "Iyo" "On The Music" "Egyptian" "Do Brazil" "Happy Tv" CD 2 "Feel My Drums" "Bomba" "Work" "Flama" "Afro-Dynamic" "Bbc News" "Sunshine Paradise" (Remix) "Twister" "Pump It Up" "Percucion" "Hear A Friend" "Planar" Positiv Energy (2004) "Rock Machine" "Phunky Star" "Love" "Dancing" "Morning Light" "Diso Revenge 2004" "Saxo" "Calinda" "Baccara" "Brazilian Affair" "Lyo" "Sunshine Paradise" "About That" "Work" "Opera House" Afrodynamic (2005) "La Coca" "Bomba" "Afro Dynamic" "Saxo Revenge" "Lyo" "Feel My Drums" "Do Brazil" "Saxo" "Chicago" "Saxo Revenge" "Afro Master Tracks" Hollyworld (2006) "Another Brick" "It's Too Late" "Hollyworld" "I Don't Know" "Yume" "Quiet Time" "Come On" "High Up" "My Heart" "War" "The Crow" "Jungle" Wash My World (2008) "No Stress" (Radio Edit) "Wash My World" "Seventies" "My Song" "Explosion" "I Pray" "Columbia" (Single Version) "Spootnik" "Why" "No Stress" (Zen @ Acoustic)

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