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Maybe you’ve already heard of the saying—“everything old will become new again.” Rustic vintage home decor is no different. It is possible to acquire the West Elm look while remaining within your budget. If you want to do a vintage renovation to your home, you should focus on the following areas as they can easily display your vintage decor designs:
It is essential that you choose the right color if you want to achieve the true vintage feeling you’ve always desired. In this case, ensure that you avoid neon bright, gloomy, and dark colors. But, you should aim for the classic fall colors, and mix these colors with some neutral yellows and blues.
Many people usually overlook their door knobs, but they can use them to get the stylistic and vintage design they are looking for. You can give your door that vintage rustic look by installing dull-gold knobs, or knobs with a rustic design.
A full kitchen renovation can be quite costly. However, you can give your kitchen a vintage look in some unique ways. For instance, a wallpaper can give your kitchen a simple and basic rustic look. Also, you can add other basic things like a rustic breadbox, plate rack, or stained glass window.

Check out more info here: https://www.barnyarddesigns.com/blog/Vintage-Rustic-West-Elm-Decor.html

 Autors: Etavrian How to Get a Rustic, Vintage West Elm Decor Look on a Budget
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