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Hello.... I won't introduce myself because my name won't help you in any way , but what i will say in the next few minutes just might... I'm not here to laugh at you or put myself on a higher shelf than you... but i am here to make you lose your pride and irrational ways of thinking and consuming information that surrounds you in your everyday sad or happy, yet miserable life... Nowadays everyone in some way can be reffered to as an ignorant fool that just refuses to understand what happens around him or her , it's not that you CAN'T understand what's happening around you... It is simply as i would call it, a disability to make your own moves and not be influenced by our shallow and somewhat disgusting desires that are totally unnecessary in our lives...

By now your'e probably thinking : " What this punk-ass talkin' bout' yo ? " ... Well i have a very simple answer.... I am talking about .... YOU!!!!

German writer, pictorial artist, biologist, theoretical physicist, and polymath Johann Wolfgang von Goethe once said :" None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free." And the person who he was talking about whas you my dear little piece of todays society... You see we all are like small pieces of a huge jigsaw puzzle... When you drop all the pieces on the floor they will all look the same until you start moving your brain cells and start putting them all together ,but no one , atleast of my knowledge has ever put the puzzle together... there are people who do it right now ,but for the wrong reasons ... They want to put it together for the sake of just doing it and get satisfaction from it , but theyr'e satisfaction is sickening to me and would be to you too if you understood what kind of a rush are they chasing... And then there are the very small people like me... who want to put the puzzle together not for a sick power satisfying accomplishment ,but for the sake of being happy and equal ... They want to be FREE!!!! I want to be free!!! But i am not and i am so pessimistic that i don't think i ever will... but there is a catch to grabbing your freedom... YOU and only YOU can take it from others !!! You have to stand up and yell with rage and anger : " I WANT TO LIVE AND NOBODY CAN STOP ME!!!" And that my friends is the truth ,but there is another side of the story... You already think you are free... And if that's what you think then ask yourself WHAT REALLY IS FREEDOM??? Is freedom the possibility to attend schools ,pick your religion no matter how ridicilous it is , get a job , make money, buy stuff that your little easily influenced and sick brain desires??? Is freedom the choice of what TV channels to watch , which news channel to watch every single day of your lives, what stupid little pictures to upload to your facebook or what pictures to look at? What political party to root for ? Let me tell you something you little worm ... you are a disease... you weren't born like this, it is like a STD you catch it from some idiot and now you have the virus and sadly you have become a part of this disease ,of course you can cure yourself ,but for some reason you just continue to spread this terrible disease and continue to dumbing down everyone around you and this cycle never stops ... And what if one day we will all wake up in a small gray room with no knowledge of what to do , where to go ... What if the people who control our minds will step down and just grow tired of putting everything already chewed up on your breakfast plate? You will have nothing because 90 % of your lifetime you think about things that someone else injected in your brain... Have you ever even tried to talk with your friends about what is life ? What is the purpose of all this? You haven't because you think it's none of your business ,but the things that are none of your business is thinking about fucking and sucking when your'e 15 years old ,you have no reason to put your fucking face on facebook , buy an IPHONE , think about love and stupid fucking fairytails that you see in movies... You think you have problems ,well let me tell you you are the fucking source of the problem !!!! EVERY single one of you...

Money is your only GOD and your TV and Internet connection is your family .....

Don't get my message wrong... I am here to make you think , but i am sure that most of you won't even bother to read for 5 minutes ... Well since i am one of you, with no sorrow i can say Go ahead and ROT you sad little piece of shit because no one will help you ... only you can help yourself !!!

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What this punk-ass talkin' bout' ?

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