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trying so hard

I have been trying so hard

to make you notice me,

see the truth behind the mask,

find the wrong in the right.


the city

The city is dark at night. It’s past midnight and you’re on the streets, alone. Drunk men ask you questions but you don’t stop. You don't look at them. You keep walking like you own this place. You feel like you do because you have spent your whole life here, in the streets who give you scare. This is your home. Then why do you feel so scared?


sunshine in your eyes

I catch the sunshine in your eyes

with my own

and I swear

no one has been more beautiful than you.



Everything can change

in one minute

You are here

and then you’re gone forever

Memories still sting

like wasp’s kiss on skin


green and grey

today I discovered a road

that took me to an abandoned place

where green mixed with grey

and it gave me hope

that even in the darkest times

light will find us


new faces

New faces

In strange places

Make you feel

Like you are alive

And that feeling

Is so wonderful

And delicious

You can’t stop

Getting drown in it


rum and coke,

smile and wink,

just don't stop,

keep moving,

if you stop,

they will catch you


Tell me you love me,

if you don't,

I'll unfriend you


givemehope- nevēlējos tulkot, jo tulkoti vārdi zaudē savu asumu. hello, I like poetry and I keep a blog dedicated to it.

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