A song dedicated to my beloved ignorant interest...1

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I have a bag of muffins,
A track searching device,
A pocket full of sunshine,
And lovely dark-brown eyes.

I tend to be seductive,
But I usually masturbate,
I tend to be obsessed with,
Girls I`ll never date.

I like to be generic,
That`s why I sit when I pee,
I like to be eccentric,
Thats why I write my poetry.

I love to watch romantic movies,
And cry at the very end,
I love to watch some porn,
And finish before the end.

But there`s one thing I love the most,
Is your amazing smile,
Your tits, your ass, your hips, your thighs,
And that`s why I wrote this song for you,
So you could realise.

DecentObjective aka O.C.

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