Welcome to the hell.8

Boo. Nākamā bilžu un gifu paciņa no manis. So, "patīkamu" Jums skatīšanos. Enjoy. emotion

Cause I tried to be the best I could

And I did the best my frail mind could

I'd trade it all just or one touch

I'd give it all to be enough

To make things new



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Hell is empty, all the devils are here.

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-Look at all these people.

-Yeah,I wish I could have a gun.

so true..:)

p.s.Kāds nosaukums filmai 10.,13.attēlā?

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Kāds varbūt zin, kas tā par filmu no 10 gifa? emotion

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-Look at all these hipsterfags.

-Yeah, I wish I had a gun.

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