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Vai tas būtu īstais vecums, kad sākt?12

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Kāda divgadīga puisiša ikdiena. Kas būs tālāk? Pamperos staigājoši alkaholiķi?

When I was 2-years-old I was still licking windows and chewing on bed skirts (some things never change), but this badass Indonesian butterball can work a cigarette like a grand master pimp.

This is 2-year-old Ardi Rizal and he smokes up to 40 ciggies a day thanks to his dad who gave him his first taste of nicotine at 14-months-old. I don't whether to weep for his tiny lungs, or laugh at the thought of him rolling up to a group of smokers in his toy trunk to ask them for a hot fag.

Ardi's mother says that her son's habit costs the family around $5.50 a day and he only smokes one brand. Ardi's mother cried as she said, "He's totally addicted. If he doesn't get cigarettes, he gets angry and screams and batters his head against the wall. He tells me he feels dizzy and sick."

And it's totally not weird when Ardi reaches for a pack of cigs after drinking from his mom's tete or asks her for a light while she changes his diaper.

The government has agreed to give Ardi's family a new car if he quits. But Ardi's father, who is about to be named Person of the Century by the tobacco companies, doesn't know what the big deal is, "He looks pretty healthy to me. I don't see the problem." Just so you know, Ardi's father is legally blind and has no nostrils.

I don't see the problem either. So he'll get a voice box installed in his froat before he can make complete sentences. Regular talking is overrated! So he'll probably start craving a little whiskey with his cigarette. Bottom shelf booze is cheaper that baby food!

But serious talk, the family should take that car from the government and drive Ardi into the jungle to be raised by wild monkeys. He'll be better off.

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Varam likt likmes, cik ilgi dzīvos..

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tas sikais tik stiligi izskatas..tads mazins als kapone emotion emotion

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Šis jau spokos 3 reizi pa vienu dienu emotion

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Vienreiz raksta, ka 18 mēnešos, citā, ka 14 mēnešos. Cik tad īsti bija tas vecums?

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ew,jau šodien bija

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boy avatarsboy

atvainojos, ka bijis.. sesija, nav laika pētīt visus spokus vai ir bijis vai nē

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nu tad neliec neko

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To senci derētu tā sulīgi atspārdīt... !

"He looks pretty healthy to me. I don't see the problem," - ko viņš redz, Idiņš IBIO!?!?!?! emotion emotion

p.s. Atvainojos par bold - nenoturējos.

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Tas ir pretīgi emotion

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Stiliigi! Mazais skurstenis! Patiesiibu sakot es arii neredzu tur neko tragisku! Bet redzeesu kas buus peec 10 gadiiem protams ja izvilks! 

Runaajot par piipeesanu! Taisni sagribeejaas :) emotion

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