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Labākie citāti no 2009. gada ekšiem emotion

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• My werry not like that Latvia is crize.
• Big crize in Latvia is very very big.
• Latvia is economical unstabil.
• Even before Latvia was with one leg in swamp.
• crises - crisis - crizis- crizse - crisys - creeze - creces - cheres - crise - krizs - crusis - cris - krizis - kryzis - chrysis - kreasis - chrais - crisess - krais
• Firstafall - firstavl - firstabile - First to fall - firstabl - First of fal
• The thirsty reason (red. - third?)
• Nowerdays - now a days
• I don't finksow
• kwik deshisions
• nesusary
• pickause (because)
• kwecshen (question)
• cwoleti
• sench (thanks)
• Thoos hoos… (those who...)
• Pissimistic
• European United (red.- EU)
• It is nafing.
• Political eat gold.
• Water polusion and lemons rayn (red.- acid rain???)
• My drems is I have home, car, girl and any think.
• I thenk Latvia looks good, but reasons to peoples don't give.
• In our country survives only the strongest like in savanna.
• The salary of working people is falling with a speed of "Boeing 747".
• Latvia can't give money to people, but Latvia can give them big life experience how to live without money.
• When you work in England you don't need be very smart, you need only legs and arms and something else.
• I was working about animal.
• In Latvia not job, not good ministrys. Not future in Latvia, nothing everything How I know in Latvia is werry bad politicen but other countries is normal politic.
• If the government do nofing nobody live in Latvija and pay a log.
• Our ministrs who don't have study any education.
• I have to say that Latvia is like a food - for someone it feels like a delicious cake but for others like an old fish.


• My personality was born very late in me.
• But there is bad things in me too. I can't kept secrets in me. And friends know it. Sometimes they don't tell me all because there are afraid of my "bigmouth". I am trying to get better.
• My best quality are policemen.
• I'am is friendly.
• I am not lazy I just rest before I get tired.
• I am burned in family when is father and mother.
• I am a little bit king girl and that likes my mum.
• I am very friendlich and sweet.
• I am a coal gay.
• I'm very simple gay.
• He tell me much complimate.
• My best qualities? Well, patience is not one of them.
• I want change my relation sheep with girls because there are very good.
• I must change only one thing in my personality, it is opportunity to love some women longer than one week.
• I love my girlfriend very much and I'm not the only one.
• Main thing what could change my personality are woman.
• In my personality I want to change my nose, it's too big.
• I think I pozitiva persona. I am hungry, silence, pozitiva.
• I sing my best quality is a sport.
• They like my sunshein.
• I think my best qualetys are characteristics.
• Of course, there is several think why people dislike me, mostly it because I still haven't learnt to drink alchohol. I'm beginning drink I can't stop for a while.
• Another people have a their like. One people have a good like, the second difference.


• Dear Donald, I'm writing to apply for the position of your problem.
• It's nice to have a litter from you.
• Shot down computer, radio and TV.
• School is very cool. In school you teach many teahers, they learn you.
• First to fall you hav regulary came to school.
• You must do more exercise at school for example riding books and decide mathematic task.
• You can find some learning methodios. For example, you can learn with your girlfriend.
• If you like laguages, you can chose to be English teacher! In nowdays this is very good job and also you can get monny to feet they families.
• Your results at school are very improve to you study in universe.
• If I won studing in high school, I mast pain.
• I very like read box.
• I'm learning in pavar class …
• If you want dig holes you can leave school.

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būtu labāk 2010 ielicis, interesē taču arī kas šogad sarakstīts, pašam par sevi vrb sanāktu ierēkt :D

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smiekligi bet neticas .. pat mana klase 8 klasi beidzo tkontroldarbus kartojot nav tik debilas kljudas =D tikai tadiem individiem

maita tomer paprasija + .. nedabusi =P

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Tas taču nav nopietni, vai ne? Vienk negribas ticēt, ka vidusskolās tagad sēž tādi bumbuki. :/

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If the government do nofing nobody live in Latvija and pay a log-

kolosāls XD XD maksā baļķi

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ja shie ir tieshaam dziivi piemeeri,tad tas ir totaalaakais analfabeetisms :D 

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wow es tachu wisu laiku saku ka neviens nejeedz neko angliski :D

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Man s'ap'igi bija las'it visu, bet + vienalga... :D

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tā smējos emotion

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Tas nozīmē, ka no angļu valodas zina tikai runāšanu, rakstisi ir pizģets..

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• I am a coal gay. • I'm very simple gay.

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I love my girlfriend very much and I'm not the only one.  


wow.... i don't suppose she is your girlfriend anymore, since you established the fact that you are aware that you are not the only one....  

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blaa emotion hov zats posibļe

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Main thing what could change my personality are woman.



Sweeeeeet, noteikti, ka lādzīgs puika! ;D

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Šitādi šedevri eksamenos ir jkatru gadu. Es tik priecāos, ka savu A līmeni savulaik godam nopelnīju.

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