Nja, man vakar gribējās kko jauku uzrrakstīt, takā es es ieslēdzu televizoru, lai smeltos iedvesmu un tur rādīja pokemonus....

Tā radās šis mākslasdarbs:


It was an average day for May, but that was because she didn't know that something, or, in this case, someone, will completely change her life.
''Okay, Eevee, use shadow ball and aim for the sky! Good! Now shoot another one and hit the first one!'' May commanded and Eevee shot up the second magically purple ball of energy up in the sky and hit the first one.
Both shadow balls exploded into a beautiful firework. Small sparkles floated down as if it was snowing.
''Good, Eevee, you're doing a great job''May said and petted her Eevee. Suddenly she heard someone clapping behind her.
''Now who could that be?'' She thought and turned around, ''D-drew! What are you doing here?'' she asked in shock. May didn't know why, but he was the last person she expected.
''I'm participating in the contest too ya' know,'' he said and grinned, ''by the way, your Eevee is pretty good.''
''Um thanks,'' was all may could say.
''Any time!'' he laughed for a little while.
''Well, see ya' later!'' said Drew and left.
''Okay...bye...'' responded May, but Drew was already gone.
''Um, Eevee, let's take a brake,'' May told to her little friend, who was currently sniffing a red rose, that May hadn't noticed.
''Huh? Where did this come from?'' she asked herself, ''Drew!'' the name suddenly came to her mind.
May took the beautiful rose and headed to her room. A minute later she was laying in her bed and thinking, ''Why did Drew leave me the rose? Red roses mean love, so... could he be in love with me? No, that can't be right, I bet he's just messing with me! But still... there is a slight chance that he could love me at least a little bit... Do I want him to love me?'' May suddenly realized what she was talking and snapped, '' GOSH! What am I thinking! Hes my rival and he would never want me as more than a friend!''


Drew had just ended the training of Roselia, when he saw May exiting the pokemon center and heading to the near sea.
''Should I go and talk to her?'' he taught '' maybe I could finally get her to tell me if she likes me or not...''
But he decided not to go, because he didn't know what to say to her.
''Maybe another time...'' he whispered to himself.
In a few hours it was dark and Drew decided to go to sleep. On the way to his room he met May, she was brushing her Eevee.
''Hey,'' he said, '' isn't it past your bedtime already?''
''Ha, ha, very funny,'' she sarcastically said, '' Don't you have things to do?''
''Well actually I don't,'' he responded.
''Then go find something, I don't have time to argue with you.''

''Well, that showed nothing!'' Drew grunted when he was in his room, ''how can I know if she likes me, if I don't even have anything decent to say!?'' he wanted to punch himself, but he realized that that wouldn't do any good.
''I bet she didn't even take the rose I left for her. She probably just stomped on it and went away.''
''What the hell should I do?'' he asked himself.
Drew put his face in his hands and started thinking. After 10 minutes, he realized he didn't have any ideas how to get May into telling her true feelings towards Drew.


About 20 minutes after talking to Drew, May was lying in her bed and just thinking how stupidly she had reacted. She literary told Drew to get lost. She saw how disappointed Drew was when he was walking away. ''I don't want to be mean at him, it just accidentally happens, I just don't realize what I'm saying, when I'm talking to him. But..why? Why do I lose control over my mind and get the weird feeling in my stomach when I'm talking to him?''
She looked to her right and saw the beautiful red rose that Drew had left for her. Or maybe he didn't leave it? Maybe someone just dropped it by accident. But no, May preferred to think that Drew left it for her...


''That's It! I've had it! I'm just going to tell May how I feel about her! If she feels the same way, she will just tell me... if not...well...than at least... I tried...'' Drew said to his reflection in the mirror. He ran his fingers trough his hair and left the room.
When he went outside the pokemon center, the first thing that he saw was May. Her brown hair waving in the gentle wind, her ocean deep eyes looking in the stars,and her lips...they were just waiting for someone to kiss the... Drew wished, that he would be the one.
''May!'' he called her name.
''Huh? Hey Drew, do you want something?'' she asked coming closer, until there were just two feet separating them. He blushed a little.


May had never seen Drew blush, so he knew that whatever he's going to say, it's gonna be big.
''Yeah, um, could we talk somewhere a little more private?''
''Um...okay'' she said and let Drew lead her into the woods, towards a giant tree.
When they stopped and sat down, May asked, ''so, what did you want to talk about?''
''I...uh...wanted to tell you that...I..um...I...'' he blushed bright red.
''You wanted to tell me what, Drew?'' May asked and put her hand on his knee, which made him blush even more (if that's possible).
''I...I...I LOVE YOU!!! There, I've said it,'' Drew searched for signs of anger, joy, anything in May's face, but all he could see was confusion.
''Drew...I never knew...'' she finally said.
''D-do you l-love me too?'' asked Drew with a trembling voice.
''I wasn't sure at first, but now, when I look back on all our good times we spent together... I actually realize, that I DO love you'' May said and blushed just as red as Drew.
''Y-you really mean it?'' he asked with pure happiness in his voice.
''Of course, why would I lie?'' May acted offended, but actually she was barely holding back from jumping up and dancing of joy.
''Sorry,'' Drew said and he felt as if he actually had offended her.
''That's ok,''May smiled and before her brain understood what was happening, Drew was actually kissing her.
Suddenly their lips separated and Drew said, ''sorry, for that, I've been dreaming of kissing you for a long time...''
''I don't mind'' May said, winked and moved in for the second kiss under the shining stars.

Zinu, par pokemoniem manā vecumā rakstīt ir muļķīgi, bet man vienalga, galvenais, ka man patīk un kaut cik sanāk ;)

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